Let’s give Byron the benefit of the doubt and assume he means “I don’t kill humans [while not in the grip of a complete berserker fury].” This is still a rule he’ll quietly let go of after a while; see Exhibit A, Dead Human Cultists 1-293. We never put a bow on that, but I think that Byron was holding onto the extra restraints to compensate for his obvious “know neither friend nor foe” condition, and the fact that while in such a state he DID kill his fellow Battleshireans (some surely killed each other, but he was the last one standing). Once his control increased, his need to hold onto certain rules diminished.

Ten years after studying Yahoo obsessively for my day job, I finally got to drop in an ontology joke!

And Phil got to drop in a couple of World of Warcraft references in the alt text. More on the first later, but the second refers to the then-recent addition of the Worgen to the game.