What a wonderful time in American politics it was when the term “community organizer” was used to dismiss Barack Obama as too inexperienced in government to serve as president. Surely America wouldn’t want some dilettante taking responsibility for it, who had barely managed to serve a few measly years in government service. Thinking you can just jump right into the role without seasoning, that’s just liberal impracticality. The people would prefer John McCain, a wise leader of experience. Of course, it was Sarah Palin saying this, so.

This was a solid way to use Byron without overusing him. I’m not fond of the fight scenes where a lot of thoughtful instruction gets shouted out in the middle of combat, when there clearly isn’t time to speak it, much less mull it over. By having him give the football coach speech, we get the benefit of his strategy up front, but because he gets taken out, the others won’t be continually looking to him through the battle and will get their own chances to excel.

Panel 3 may be my favorite Frigg face Erica ever drew. I mean, just look at it.