Erica was a little unsure about my script for this scene when she got it at first. After all the attention we’d lavished onto not over-sexualizing the female characters, the request for “prison rags” seemed like it might be a step backward.

“I have a few comments about the random encounter that I’ll just all together put here. One- prison rags will show off Syr’nj’s tattoos prematurely. Two- the rags would also make the scene needlessly sexy, what with the lot of them wearing thin, wet clothing…”

I replied: “One and two, agreed, for a certain definition of ‘prison rags.’ That probably wasn’t the right word for what I was visualizing. I just meant very simple, ragged-looking clothes, and they could as easily be too BIG as too small. The main point is that the adventurers have been (ahem) stripped of their usual accoutrements, so things like Byron’s axblade-shoulders and Syr’Nj’s potions are not available to help them here.”

Erica’s third comment is more relevant to tomorrow’s page than this one, so stay tuned!