Erica’s last comment: “While Bandit is the shortest character, Syr’Nj is by far the thinnest. If Bandit can squeeze through an opening, so can she. Although, it might be hilarious to have Bandit try first and then get stuck on her ample bosom.”

My response, after adding the bit in panel 2: “Okay, altered the script accordingly. Relatively little change in the action, in the end. As I see it, Syr’Nj may have the body type for this, but she lacks that thief mindset, so escaping as an individual while others of the group are trapped wouldn’t occur to her until after Keynes did it.”

See how it works for you. I think Erica pushed to make it a little extra plausible with the “Bandit-shaped hole” at Syr’Nj’s chest height, which would’ve at least taken Syr a bit longer to clamber out of– that was pretty much how I’d seen it, but I don’t think the script made that clear.

In the end, this ends up being another early bit where Syr’Nj shows off her smarts but they don’t actually count for much. True, the whole team is riding the ragged edge of incompetence at this point, but there was still a disconnect in how we wanted Syr specifically to be perceived and the jokes we were coming up with for her. In the rest of the chapter, she’d start getting more combat-effective while experiencing a different kind of frustration.

Also, I have absolutely no idea what Home Alone reference Phil is talking about in the alt text (unless he just means a blond, kid-proportioned character gasping). I could go watch it again to try to figure it out… but I won’t. Update: Oh, right, of course! Thanks to Wannes in the comments.