Oh, no, it’s a butterfly’s one weakness… a giant rockslide! “Rocks fall, one specific person dies, presumably because Best has some control over his instrument.” (Image by Randy Miholland and Something Positive.)

Original SFX scripted here: “*BRAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWNNNG*”

This tidbit may embarrass Phil a bit: he wrote Erica that the pose on panel 2, as Frigg gets close to a kneeling position and Best remains standing, “can be as suggestive as you like.” Yyyeah, glad we didn’t go that way. For one thing, she may be attracted to Best and crude by nature, but it’s hard for me to imagine Frigg as a giver like that. For another, we were starting to move out of the South Park-led era of comedy where the rule was always “the more offensive the better.” Our calculus is more nuanced now. For instance, I briefly considered running a picture of a squashed butterfly with this commentary, then thought, “Nah.”