“O Death, where is thy Sting?”
–1 Corinthians 15:55

“Here he is” (dumps body)

“Stupid” is a bad insult to aim at someone who’s just outfoxed you. I liked Sting up to now, but if he can’t take one little blinding without entirely blowing his cool, then maybe he’s not the caliber of villain I thought and I’m less sorry about his end.

From the script: “Syr’Nj waves some smelling salts under Byron’s nose, prepared for the usual backlash she receives for just TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE OUT.” Byron’s simple habit of treating everyone with politeness and appreciation moves him firmly onto Syr’Nj’s friendslist, and her bedside manner improves in turn. By now we definitely knew Byr’Nj was going to happen, and you can see Phil starting to set that up here, before Syr’Nj gets over Best. But even so, we’re just building a friendship at this point. Attraction will come later.