I had to fight for “sweet tweezes,” but as I said to Phil, if we introduced “cog-dammit” early in the gnomes’ history, then we’ve already established that sort of pun-curse, and we shouldn’t stop doing simple things that are fun just because the story’s further along.

This is probably close to peak Bandit, effortlessly blending three parts of her personality: tactical know-how, thief’s skill in getting through spaces, and just bein’ so gosh-darned cute. (No time for the insecurity when her friends’ lives are on the line.)

I also enjoy how Rachel frames her loss-loss-win against Tamara as just a set of anti-grappling training sessions. But she did win the last of those exchanges, so I guess she’s earned the right to redefine them.

Apart from Syr’Nj, Auraugu’s getting the worst of this engagement overall, and we haven’t even gotten to his biggest embarrassment yet. But he’ll get to win a fight too, so maybe he can also chalk the rest up to experience.