On the other hand, those fireballs are definitely coming from Magda, so she gets a tag for this page.

This is probably as close as we ever get to a “hurt/comfort” slashfic. (Look it up.) How you can tell Frigg’s more upset than she wants to admit: she says “Goddammit” twice without immediately powering up.

Even counting Auraugu out turns out to have been premature, so this is pretty much bad news for the Peacemakers all around.

I’m trying to dig up our reasoning for taking Syr’Nj out this early, though it may have simply been that we wanted to tamp down her performance scores just a little bit and give the others a chance to catch up. Penk’s right that she’s gotten a fair number of moments of awesome on the field, and that’s on top of everything she’s been achieving as a politician.