Yeah, see what I mean? A Cultist-made berserker probably wouldn’t have stopped killing one guy just because he was getting stabbed some more.

Very faint stirrings of conflict between Byron and Bandit here. With Syr’Nj’s instructions guiding him and the word “berserker” kind of triggering him, Byron is a bit reluctant to give up his “responsibility” of berserker-herding. It was Syr’Nj (with Scipio) who hatched the plan to take on Hammerhead that Byron has been pursuing; Bandit wasn’t even part of that conversation. In the best of times, all the team’s leadership-minded types can work together frictionlessly, as they did during their threat assessment at the end of the last chapter. The worst of times are a faint glow on the horizon, just barely visible.

At least it’s gotta be a blow to Rebel morale to see Hammerhead running pell-mell away from the fighting with a single gnome on his back and leaking a couple of human bodies’ worth of blood.