“The men at the wall will have to fight on without me… but I’ll have to leave to join them momentarily,” Ardaic says, wedging a chest of drawers in front of the only exit. “But for NOW, I have to stay and protect Syr’Nj,” he adds, before he gets any reason to believe that Syr’Nj would be in any danger here. You even consider, Ardaic, that you might now be a target worth going after and your hanging around here might endanger her more?

I didn’t pick apart these contradictions when Phil handed in this script, but now I see them more plainly. And I rather like them, because they do a better job of showing Ardaic’s growing crush than any tsundere routine we could’ve ripped off from manga romcoms. His (ahem) “assessment of Syr’Nj’s inexpendable importance” is in conflict with the soldierly loyalty that’s defined his entire life, and he doesn’t even realize it.

Not that there will be any consequences of his irrationality here: at this point, the battle would go pretty much the same no matter where Ardaic was. But it’s a nice bit of foreshadowing.