There are two different image files in our database for this comic, and it took me a bit to figure out what was different. Turns out, Phil didn’t have that “WHOOOOOA” text quite as centered in the balloon as she thought it was, first time around.

Next time we see Bandit, she’ll have rejoined the soldiers she asked to return Scipio to the fort. We didn’t feel the need to diagram how she escaped this: if you imagine there’s a few crucial seconds between panels 3 and 4, you can probably picture two or three escape routes yourself. If she’d been visible in the last frame, it might’ve created an expectation that Hammerhead was about to find her. She’s slippery. Like an eel.

Just as well they never met after this chapter, though. Bandit has a tendency to attract recurring rogues (Taro, Auraugu, Berserking Byron), and she doesn’t need another one that size.