Here Penk is doing the traditional “bard thing” and using music as a +3 modifier for the fighters in the party, which in this case includes himself. It’s not a trick he pulls very often, because with his power level, he needs to get into the thick of things. But we see him and Best do it in the series climax.

Incidentally, that PAF sound effect (the one pictured at right, not the one associated with the flashbang) was a bit of mildly ridiculous onomatopoeia that my college roommates singled out to annoy me back when I worshipped Understanding Comics even more than I do now. These days “PAF” amuses me as much as it did them back then.

“A music’l fighter! I know you guys’ve had pro’lems with that sort! Hope he’s not the same as–”
“We should be so lucky: he shows no signs of attacking his own teammates or having sex with one of them in the middle of a mission. But if he starts talking about his destiny, there may be hope.”