I’m looking at the alt text here again, and I think the thrust of this is that calling Penk “Champion” is a burn because Penk and his crew haven’t actually won anything yet. But hey, it’s a name designed to be grown into. It’s sure a lot less awkward than the twentysomething Teen Titans just calling themselves “Titans” like “Oh, yeah, we totally meant to do this.”

Nice unpredictable energy in the matchups, with Auraugu, Penk, and Syr’Nj going to some unexpected places that still logically emerge from what we know about them.

Penk’s sonic attack, like his bardic encouragement, is a power that’s more useful in surprise attacks or feints. It won’t be one of his regular go-to moves. Like super-ventriloquism or Doctor Doom’s Freaky Friday power.