This scene was interesting from a collaborative standpoint. I did the original draft and a few tweaks, but Flo did a lot of revising… she almost always deferred to me on Shanna bits, but felt she had a better grasp of Joel, and she was probably right. As a result, this scene was more of a hand-in-hand production than most things we did, at any point in the series and especially in its second half.

That bit in panel 3 is especially lovely to me now. Dude’s innocent and friendly and, just like Flo or me at a con, hoping to make any fan interaction he has into a positive one, to leave people feeling better about themselves. He can’t possibly know Shanna’s situation… and she recognizes this fact, and therefore she forgives any nerves he’s trampling.

Can’t believe I wasn’t the one to suggest a David Willis reference.