Whoof, that sure is chilling foreshadowing in panel 2 with the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t know exactly what fate awaited Braggadocio, but we knew that Chapter 36 was going to be a meat grinder in general.

The rest is… well, it’s okay, I guess. Every Peacemaker has a little something to contribute to the conclusion, though only a couple of their contributions feel specific to their characters. It shows the team is pragmatic, as is needed, and sharp enough to allow for the chance that these plans could’ve been planted for them to find. Byron’s last line sets up a little formal experiment I was looking forward to trying on the next few pages.

Still, as our group-thinks-through-the-problem scenes go, this part feels a little too quiet to me. It’s more “Isn’t it nice when everyone agrees?” than “Only the combined best efforts of our heroes can deal with this ultimate threat” or “Oh, these lovable goofs, so full of life, I sure am glad to see them happy and healthy and hope nothing bad happens to them!” YMMV. At any rate, I did this one, so I can’t blame Flo!