“You take Ethereum, right?”

I’d forgotten this wrinkle, that Xan actually shows Shanna some respect right from the start, mixed in with the caution and seeming contempt. He’s not much for the traditions of classical news media, but he does think her research has merit. If he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t have given her his address.

Xan’s private LAN is interesting to me, but not as interesting as the number of books and paper notes (self-reminders) on the walls of his office. Again, it’s information he values most, and computers are usually the best source of that but not always.

Naturally, the guesses about Xan’s “true identity” flew thick and fast at this point, with some noting his Penk-like hair, some finding his outsider-coder deal a parallel to E-Merl the outsider magician, and some thinking that in order to know everything Shanna needs to know about the game, he had to be Bandit’s player. We might’ve briefly considered slotting him in as Penk, but for the most part, we just didn’t think of him in those terms. He plays the game, but he isn’t of it.