Xan and Shanna may have had a bumpy start, but what saves them here is mutual devotion to the work of information-gathering. Shanna sets terms for her continued presence and Xan immediately meets them (possibly looking a little chastised as he does so, though it’s hard to tell with him). And as soon as he does, Shanna’s irritation is all but forgotten.

The Fans version of Shanna often clashed with the hacker Tim Mitts, who shares Xan’s contempt for established authority structures and old media. Dealing with Tim, though, would mean lots of corny attempts at flirting and vulgar jokes, not this nearly affectless professionalism. I’ve already said why I didn’t want to use Tim, but I’m also glad we didn’t try to repeat that dynamic more than we’re doing here: it’s arguably outdated, would probably read creepy in this situation, and would’ve felt to me like stale repetition.

I was really interested in infographics at this point, and I thought we could wring some nice easy humor out of the way some of them are poorly designed. What I didn’t figure on was that it was tough to find graphics that Xan would use that wouldn’t be at least somewhat “readable” to Shanna, so I ended up creating more work for Flo and John than I meant to.