E-Merl’s megaphone spell is not quite deus ex: as he introduced himself, he did mention that his fireballs, wind-field, and illusions were not the full extent of his spellcasting, just the most combat-adapted parts. And hey, he’s probably trying to pick up a new skill or two.

There’s a subtle clue to future events on this page; see if you can spot it.

I’m aware that “if you’re innocent, you have nothing to fear” is often used by law enforcement as a sort of conviction in reverse, the implied logic being, If you DO have something to fear from us, you must be GUILTY. Why are you running? You know who runs? GUILTY PEOPLE RUN! But I think focusing on that aspect ignores the primary context here: having been on the wrong side of the law herself, Bandit has a deep well of compassion for the accused, and even her determination to get justice for Ferncais can’t cloud that. It comes through in her tone, and her listeners can hear it.

“…Admitt’dly, lots o’ th’ stuff I’ve been accused of, I tot’lly did do. But that was a really rough Spanner’s Eve f’me.”