It is perhaps worth remembering here that Arkerra’s racial issues are not ours: humans here are far more likely to be prejudiced against elves or gnomes than against different colorations of their own species. Some slight instances of the latter prejudice may exist, but more on the level of Terran prejudice about hair color. That said, it’s interesting which reactions we ended up assigning to the white and nonwhite guys here.

My read on Scipio and Lectrus, without checking the script, is that they start off intense but are getting a little tired of their interrogations by panels 3 and 4, but they perk back up when they see a guy who just seems to be radiating guilt even before the lamp starts radiating his guilt.

[checks script] Ah, I see we didn’t even specify what was going through their heads in the script there. We just asked for these two to be modified because putting them in the exact same pose through all five or six frames would’ve felt unnatural. The more specific reactions were John’s call.