Sooo… for a while after Guilded Age, as I’ve said in this space, I wasn’t sure if I had another comics project in me.

But now, I am.

John, Jason, and I are working on a thing for release in December. It is, in fact, a more refined version of an idea I’ve mentioned here before. An opportunity has opened up to do it on a much bigger scale, and I had the pleasant surprise of some old neurons sparking back to life. More updates to come in the months ahead!

Back to the annos: as reader Jason (not to be confused with artist Jason) said yesterday, it sure would’ve saved time… and at least one life… if Penk had known that the site of the next monster attack and the place to pick up his drum were one and the same. Then he wouldn’t have separated from the group, could’ve snatched his drum from the fleeing kids on the last page, and would’ve launched his most effective attack a lot sooner.

I’m prepared to cut him slack because he couldn’t have really known that, but if he was also heading toward the head mason’s office, that begs the question of where he is right now. I’m pretty sure he’s a faster runner than Gravedust. Errrr, let’s just say he got held up helping some stragglers out of the settlement: that’s mainly Hammerhead’s job rn, but Hammerhead can’t be everywhere.