Nicely paced, with the revelation of Jarvis’ voice given its proper weight.

Last panel is an interesting place to break out the King James Bible language, but if there’s one person there for whom government service qualifies as a religion, it’s Ardaic.

Also…there are no flies on Jarvis. If he’s not aware of Ardaic’s crush, he definitely knows that Ardaic is highly partial to Syr’Nj. He therefore cannot expect Ardaic to speak for him in this case, so it’s not just a dramatic flourish that leads him to dismiss Ardaic. He has no choice.

Favorite comment, by Psilo Ghoti (not italicized or quoted, because that would ruin things):


(ー°o°)ー ˾[…]

(ー°ロ°)ー ˾[!!!]

╰( °Д°)╮ ˾[!!! !!!]

╭(°Д° )╯ ˾[!!! !!! !!!]