“Your UNCLE?!?!” Jeezum crow, Iwatani, you really are making it hard for me not to blame you for your own impending demise. It’s one thing not to specify “we don’t betray family,” but to assassinate someone while calling them family…

Iwatani’s motives are not too complicated, but we needed this moment to explain them. His goal is dynasty, and his only guarantee of that is to raise his House above all others.

Alt text jokes, but there’s pretty much no way that nice nurse isn’t going to be held at least partly responsible. And if she realizes what’s happened and tries to finger the Iwatanis, well, you probably can guess how that’s gonna go.

I’m sure someone expected this story to end with only one House Head left, but that’d be too abruptly paced even for me, let alone Flo. This chapter was about the Altruist conspiracy eliminating all outsiders to it. Revealing the true scope of Iwatani’s ambitions, and how they extend beyond even his allies’, is a tease for chapters yet to come.