Flo’s script for the first panel includes the detail that Pardo lost not only work friends and extended family, but illegitimate children as well. That’s a bit of a wrinkle in his generally benign character…but we don’t know what his marriage to Her Grace Pardo is like. Maybe it’s one of those openly polyamorous arrangements. We haven’t seen her since she expressed support for segregation in her only speaking appearance. And mourning illegitimate kids is still a better look than not caring about illegitimate kids.

Also from Flo’s script: “Gosh, Iwatani is such a great friend! He sure would be the last person I’D suspect of making a deal with Cultists to attack Pardo’s territories!”

Look at Miyamoto, trying to stir up anti-adventurer sentiment when he’s really just echoing Bedard, who’s already done that more effectively than Miyamoto ever could. He thinks he’s a real manipulator! (Iwatani pats him on the head and goes “Isn’t that cute.”)