An earlier version of this sequence had less continuity with Brother Tom’s approach to spreading the madness, but it did feature HR putting a bit more of his own spin on it, clearly inspired by his CEO days:

3,4,5 (3 & 5 could be considered all one panel, depending)

1. We view the Peacemakers as they finish off the kobolds from the “safety” of the thicket of trees, where others are watching, just behind us.

BROTHER ULAK (off-panel)
I don’t know about this, Big Bo– er, Brother. Peacemakers…
BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
I understand, Ulak. But they’re not the same Peacemakers who stopped our brothers.
BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
The wood elf and her “cure” are miles away, and it’s the only thing you really need fear. ‘

2. We get a relatively close view of Frigg, swinging around her glowy hammershit and having the time of her life.

BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
Besides, look at the redhead.
BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
She’ll be an even better agent of chaos than the last Battleshirean ever was.
All that effort to capture him and she was right in front of our faces?

3. We get a good look now at the Cultists waiting in the thicket. Ulak is prominent among them. This panel and panel 5 form a single image, but the composition and the interruption of panel 4 (not as tall as panels 3 and 5, but almost) delay the reader from the final reveal.

BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
Just consider how insane that is.
BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
Let that robust insanity wash over you… and reach out over the wall to pass it onto her.
BROTHER HOMON (off-panel)
Now, my brothers. Think mad thoughts, together.

4. Drunk as he is, E-Merl is still first to notice as Frigg’s eyes go blank and her body appears to be seized by The Madness.

5. A pleasant-looking Brother Homon waits in the thicket with his fellow Cultists, urging them on to greater and greater success.