From the original: Once again, we’d like to thank our crack team of Continuity Errorists. Payet Best’s stunt double was duly sacked for not bringing his prosthetic ears to the set. (Psst, actual Payet Best is not going to be that far behind him on his way out the door.)

“I’m pretty sure I’m Byron, right? We’re our own people with our own minds now, aren’t we? We’re not still doing the ‘these five characters have gamers inside them trying to get out’ bit?”
“Yeah, we revised that part out, but don’t tell the readers, we want to leave it ambiguous for a while.”

Not that Best hasn’t already un-endeared himself to Syr’Nj multiple times by now, but panel 3 on its own would’ve been enough. Attacking an ally from behind is verboten, in game or out of it.