I gave Erica more latitude than usual to change things around here, so this is an interesting contrast with the original script:

I’m going to be a bit vague about action breakdowns and dialogue assignments here, because I think what’s most important is that this page flow naturally. There should be no borders or backgrounds on it– it’s just Best and Byron fighting fighting fighting.

The gist of the action here is that Best bounces back from his disadvantage to give Byron a smashing, temporarily disabling blow with his Axe. In more detail:

1. Best and Byron go at it Axe to axe, in a shot that looks like it took place only seconds after the preview image.

2. Byron’s sheer strength knocks Best back, and he’s raising Brayen to do more damage.

3. Best begins to break out his “Spider-Man moves,” using his dancer’s grace and agility to avoid Byron’s most damaging blows. He narrowly dodges an ax-swing from Byron here.

4. Byron charges Best powerfully and quickly, but Best begins to twirl him around in a mix of ballroom dancing and judo, raising his own ax-guitar in the air and preparing to bring it down.