You sure are fitting in well as a Cultist leader, HR! Those first two panels are exactly the kind of thing Brother Tom used to say. I’d say you should worry about what that says about you, but you’re pretty much over any kind of self-criticism at this point.

Looking at this dialogue again, I can only come to one conclusion: HR knows that WAV is one of the Five, just as he knows Frigg is another. There’s no other explanation for why he’d distinguish his “two birds” from “those other Peacemakers.” Perhaps he can sense their Fiveness. Of course, none of the Cultists including Ulak have any idea what distinction he’s making, and a lot of what he says goes over their heads in general. “What’s a frig?”

Also, about that last panel…dude, I don’t think you have to worry? Pretty sure the Friggzerker is just going to kill anything that’s in front of her, whether it’s a Five or not? Perhaps HR has the tactical insight to know that only WAV could make any kind of stand against Frigg and the others might provide support for it. But the way it stands right now, it looks like the Cultists could just sit this one out and get the same outcome.