Pacing glitch…OR READER BONUS? Not sure why we elected to make this one specifically a double-sized entry, especially since the first half of the page ends on such a natural point for a cliffhanger. I think we could’ve joined the second half of this one to the next page instead. Oh, well.

Boy, we’re getting so much mileage out of “pal” in this chapter that I feel vaguely guilty for not using it a little more often between Chapter 5 and here.

Byron seems to have engineered his own particular “bubble heaven” here (“someplace where I can be happy and not harm anyone!”). But it’s already plain as the nose on his face that this afterlife is colored by awareness of his curse. And it’s sad in a different way that his idea of heaven is one of isolation. After dying with the knowledge that he’d be used as a berserker vessel yet again, his “happy ending” is to be apart from anyone he could hurt, not to be surrounded by the loved ones who populate his memories.