We gave less instruction for the shards that appear on this page, and John did use recycled art for most if not all of them here… but John stayed mindful of the idea that these images all needed to be Byron’s-eye-view.

I think I had most of the script up to a page or two ago, and Flo revised that page and this one before taking the reins for the rest of the chapter. I had a bit more dialogue and a little more Frigg in Gravedust’s thoughts, but this consistency of voice works better.

The continued emphasis on Syr’Nj in the shards is not a surprise. The continued (relative) emphasis on Best is a slight one. Maybe John was building anticipation for Best’s return, or maybe he sensed something we’d be underlining ourselves later: Best bothers Byron partly because they’re more similar than either would want to admit. They both stand a little apart from other adventurers, they’re both orphans, they both have their seemingly inescapable demons. They’ve both tried to deny those demons, practicing their smiles until they looked unworried.

Gravedust snapping his own arrow is definite foreshadowing of this chapter’s end.