I have to wonder about negotiations between hitmen (hitpeople?) and their employers. The dynamics are obviously something I can only guess at. In the short term, Carol is stuck with JJ and almost any terms he wants to name. Hiring a competitor of his or sending in a team would take too long when only he knows where the targets are. But in the long term, JJ is risking a long-standing  relationship with a very wealthy client,  which could really hurt his bottom line next year. The reasons the job has gotten “complicated” may not be entirely his fault, but they sure aren’t Carol’s.

On the other hand, he’s in a bit of a bind. If it gets out that he killed six people for the price of one, that affects his standing with the rest of his community, presumably.

For all his outward civility, I think JJ senses Carol’s weakened position and is exploiting it. He is, after all, a professional predator. He has to know the press has not been kind to Hurricane Studios lately, that HR (who is in theory his real employer) is nowhere to be seen, and that Carol is sounding increasingly ragged in their communications. Under those circumstances, jeopardizing a long-term relationship to preserve his rep and get a better short-term payday makes more sense. The relationship’s starting to look jeopardized as it is. Might as well squeeze a bit more out of it before it collapses on its own.