Hmmm, I see Bandit has decided to go with the emotional coping strategy of “not giving a shit.” Probably a good idea; I don’t think I can fault it. I mean, would it be more likable for Bandit to show some flicker of concern about the disappearance of a woman whom she once said would be one of her “best friends for life”? Sure. But would it be more believable? Not necessarily. And would it be healthier, in terms of moving on from a chapter of her life that’s irrevocably closed? Definitely not.

Dean Reynolds is wearing a curious expression here. I feel like he is cautiously optimistic about how this meeting will go but also nervous about venturing so far outside of his comfort zone. This is the first time we’ve seen him really playing politics, and he’s not at all used to it. Can he get Bandit to do what he needs without compromising his fundamental honesty? Guess we’ll find out at the same time he does.

FB: “GUILDED AGE bets you Bandit Keynes can fit a whole apple in her mouth in the time it takes you to read today’s page.”