“Luckily f’r you, I’m an extrovert in desp’rate need of a tribe after my big fallin’-out with my last one, an’ learnin’ there might be a place f’r me on the fringes of gnomish s’ciety aft’r all has made this by far my best, practic’lly my only, option. I mean, you don’ wanna know how close I was t’ joinin’ the land sharks oth’rwise. I r’hearsed for a few hours b’fore I remembered. ‘HEY! HEY, LET’S EAT THAT GUY!'”

Not sure what Bash-Meister Berta did that was so much worse than the others in Bandit’s circle (“Even for Bash-Meister Berta”), but still not so bad that Bandit wouldn’t refuse to work with her. I mean, I kid above, but Bandit’s need to be accepted is not so great that she’d ally with just anyone. My headcanon is that Berta’s been accused of murder, which is anathema to the close-knit supertribe of Gnometown, but she denies it, and Watcher has confirmed her innocence. Bandit knows a thing or two about being tried in the court of gnomish opinion, especially if you’ve already been found guilty of another crime.

FB: “GUILDED AGE’s Bandit Keynes is all like, ‘Well, pardon US.'”