Dang, Faereksch’Nj just gave Kur’Ik the Full Politician here. Kur’Ik’s determination might’ve withstood the most obvious objection to her participation: she barely remastered walking thirty seconds ago and still has far too much poison in her system to risk a trip into the freezing wastes. Faer touches lightly on that argument but spends a lot more time addressing Kur’Ik’s real problem: she has some reason to feel cast aside as unimportant.

Faer’s words soothe that hurt and treat Kur’Ik as a truly essential worker. That doesn’t mean Faer is lying (she does need insight into Gastonia now that it is once more her enemy,  and record-keeping is important in wartime), but it’s about how the truth is presented, sometimes. Kur’Ik, her need addressed, reverts to the awed deference she more normally shows to the ‘Nj family.

FB: “Faereksch’Nj may not have time for a GUILDED AGE archive dive, but it’s Friday, so YOU do!”