I think Flo’s alt text in the first page of this chapter was a nice double swerve. ICYMI, Bedard said “I think such a future-looking future monarch may be here in my household,” and the alt text was ‘So I propose we crown my butler king.’  Had she not put that in as a joke, more of you might have guessed that Bedard did actually mean someone other than Miyamoto.

Ha! I forgot it was actually Jarvis, of all people, who took the “The Peacemakers are gone, so we’re unprotected” tack. Oh, how we miss those Peacemakers! They were too good for this fallen world that we mostly control! If only someone in power had given them a fair shake, but that’s just the way these things go. Oh well, time for dictatorship.

I think everyone’s motives here are fairly straightforward. Jarvis, like Bedard, is mostly concerned with winning a war that’s beginning to make the general public nervous. Caneghem probably prefers a dictatorship as it means he has fewer humans to deal with, but he clearly doesn’t care very much either way. He’s just blowing with the wind until he can make his move, which won’t be long now.