Take Your Most Psychopathic Child to Work Day didn’t really catch on.

With the alt text and that grin and just Taro’s mere presence, we decided to abandon any pretense about our endgame here. A few specifics may not be nailed down yet, but y’all knew this little guy anywhere close to power was a very bad idea.

So, uh, that second panel’s balloon is supposed to be Iwatani’s, not Caneghem’s. Flo made the mistake innocently but then argued it worked better this way. Gotta say, I’m not really seeing that, but YMMV.

Also, I feel like the title is getting ahead of itself a bit. Though the decision to seek the winter elves does begin with this chapter, the journey doesn’t begin until the chapter ends. Something like “Sallying Forth” or “Crossing the Threshold” would represent that better, but that wouldn’t maintain the gaming connection. The best I can do with the latter offhand is “Taken Off the Board,” referring to the chapter’s theme of demotions. It’s just tough to meet all our expectations for titles sometimes. Oh, well, it’s not like we got any angry feedback about it.