FB: “You wouldn’t believe how much research went into the discussion of Skype videos on today’s GUILDED AGE. And that’s no joke.”

Xan’s character really shines here. At first, he acts like he’s gonna be a robot all through this encounter, maybe frustrate JJ with his non-reactions. But then he starts throwing shade, hitting at a weakness in JJ we haven’t thought much about: his old-fashioned nature in a field vulnerable to changes in technology.

And then that last panel is like watching a sunrise. Turns out “least emotional” doesn’t mean “unemotional.” Xan does not need to have been Kaye’s friend to feel anger over her death…and it’s her death, not his own injury, that hardens his face as he and JJ speak. He’s here, doing this, because he has a sense of right and wrong powerful enough to risk his own life for. Beware the anger of the quiet man.