You’d think these two might’ve bonded here, since both split off from the group to seek answers and defy divine judgement, but the difference is that Best did it like a dumbass.

Frigg is well and truly over the attraction she felt for Best by now. Early Best exuded confidence in a way that Frigg quietly admired, and that plus his physique was enough for her to make him a “play partner” a couple of times. Even WAV’s reserve was something of a draw for the troll in her who sees a stoic as a challenge (see also: Scipio). But she has no patience for the insecure child who keeps screaming about how important or unimportant he is. And that version of Best is what she’s been getting nonstop since his return.

Weo didn’t have to give his answers out in alphabetical order, but it does work out nicely that Syr’Nj’s scroll full of questions comes after everyone else has been satisfied.


Yellow and blue are the hues of your skin and hair
 I can see you by the light of your flaxen flare
And I see that your mood looks blue too… oh, wait, right, I don’t care
Ha, yellow and blue are the hues of your skin and hair