FB: Watcher in the weeds, behold these evil deeds… and bluster, meet duster.

I think I (foolishly) believed that Flo would stick to my policy of calling Keynes “Commander Keynes” from now on. It makes some sense from a character perspective, if she’s trying to give up her old life and commit fully to this new one, but Flo was like “She’s OWNING the banditry, it’s part of who she is” and I didn’t have the energy to argue. I mean, it’s fine! She’s in a group that’s clearly cool with her entire history, so it’s not like she needs some new title to make them respect her. I’m just more into character transformation than a lot of other comics writers, Flo included.

Also, Watcher was renamed at some point: the last draft of this script has her as “Nella.” This page and her newer name do a pretty good job of explaining her: she has a few magicks which allow her to observe things.

Looks like Brock is as good at improvising in a fight as he is with patter!