FB: Humans think it’s cute how gnomes call themselves “Occupation Name” (often but not always using alliteration). But in many circles, it’s an insult to do this alliteratively to humans, whether their stated “job” is something perfectly innocent or not: “Municipalist Miyamoto,” “Intrigue-Maker Iwatani,” and so on.

This always annoyed Admiral Annunziata.

There’s also General Jinjur, Colonel Klink, King Kong, President Putin…I’m sure you can think of other “naturally gnome-named” examples.

And so we end most remaining speculation about the Silver Centurion. That bit where he was a separate person from Ardaic will be explained later on, though some of you figured it out here. Perhaps more important is the specific oath he takes to summon the power, which hints at the source of his power, and the problems he’s about to develop.