FB: When/if the Rapture happens, Bandit’s basic plan is to punch angels in the junk until they agree to take every member of her team.

Nice use of resources!

This “no one gets left behind” philosophy of Keynes’s is tied to the shame and regret she feels about the berserker massacre. I guess the corpses of the victims were retrieved after the battle was over, but that’s a technicality: she feels like her own failures left them to die, much as she wants to redirect that blame to Byron and Syr’Nj. It’ll take her a few years to get those voices of shame and guilt even mostly silent Part of her will live with them for the rest of her days. But doing work to be proud of, being the leader she wants to see in the world, is one of the most productive ways she can exorcise them.

I doubt Bandit realizes she’s fighting her “old buddy” Ardaic here, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference if she did.