FB: TECTONICUS THINX: “Tick tock! Time to watch a titanic tussle! Tic Tac?”

The story is basically done with Iver after the last page. He does not appear in the comic again and is only mentioned one more time, in the past tense. My headcanon is that Gravedust offered Iver a choice between death and banishment. Iver would always opt to survive, of course, so Gravedust gave him the same sort of rations that the mystics used on their desert walkabouts, and sent him on his way with the instruction that if he made any contact with any of the Savasi, it would be considered treason and punished as such. Iver agreed to the terms, and while he was certainly dishonest enough to go back on his word, he didn’t judge it worth the risk to do so. He was never seen again.

Iver’s pregnant harem would do all right, although their lives wouldn’t be as cushy as they may have expected. Savasi still need babies, so single mothers of any kind would be given help and consideration by the tribe under Gravedust’s guidance. But Iver’s wivers wouldn’t have any sort of “royal family” status and would soon realize their connection to Iver was something to downplay. “We were celebrating the creation of the Champions, and I had had a lot of wine, and let’s just say there are several candidates for the father of this child, actually.”