Wait, now it’s a “few dozen sky elves?” We really were kinda lax about the head-counts. Maybe another dozen or so Hollister-Clair supporters portaled to join the cause at the very last minute.

I’ve already mentioned Syr’Nj struggling with her anti-avian prejudice (which will be resolved, as much as you can resolve such a thing, when she and Gondolessa work as colleagues). But we touch lightly here on how such prejudice would be an issue for her whole nation, including the person she’s discussing it with. Avians widowed Faereksch’Nj, after all. But if Faer couldn’t put that sort of thing aside, she wouldn’t be the leader she is.

What’s going on with Fr’Nj is the real focal point of interest here, of course, but that’s a subject better addressed with tomorrow’s page. For now, I’ll just note that Syr’Nj’s delighted greeting mirrors the one Fr’Nj gave her, a while back.

FB: “So I went back for some personal effects, there was a little accident, I ended up in an Iwatanian hospital, and long story short, having two arms is a pre-existing condition.”