FB: After the rousing musical number, a silent interlude…

There’s just a few more chess pieces to move into place before we start up our series of final conflicts.

Carol’s continuing decline probably speaks for itself at this point, and later scenes will clarify her internal life.

Since someone asked about it a little while back…we’ve seen the last that we’ll see of Rana. I realize his arc comes off as a bit unresolved, but that struck us as the least worst option in the tapestry of the series as a whole. If he was shown as getting over his loss in the time scale of the rest of the series, it’d feel too abrupt and not that true to the emotional devastation of his final scene. If he was shown as committing suicide by war after all, it’d make Penk look ineffective. Ultimately, I think the natural course of Rana’s arc is on a different time scale than almost everyone else’s…his story would take years to resolve. And while I love a good time-jump now and then (see Episode 50), even we have our limits.