FB: “47-37, eight frames in position, camera angle is fixed, over.”

I’m not sure I get the code-naming scheme for everyone here. Xan and Shanna have number-names more or less appropriate to themselves: zero is the only number that starts with the same sound as Xan’s name, aside from “zillion,” which seems a little too arrogant for Xan. Plus, binary code. And Shanna, the one who has more of the answers than anyone else, is therefore assigned the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, even if any nerd references like this are going to happen purely against her will.

But I’m not sure how Daniel is Big Ten, or what the other two’s codenumbers would be if they needed them. I’m gonna guess Daniel is a big football fan, assign Lia to be Fifty-Two on the basis of LI (51) + a (one), and call Chrissie Eight of Hearts since eight is infinity sideways and she is the heart of the group. Of course, the group is way more likely to get caught than to have their transmissions intercepted, but let them have their callsigns if it’ll help them feel bold.