FB: TFW– no, you know what? No one else has ever had to feel just exactly like you do right now, Penk. You’re a feels pioneer.

This talk is a little dense even for Guilded Age, but it’s the sort of thing we’d have to break up into more frames if we were composing it for Webtoon or another primarily phone-based format. Which isn’t a knock on the latter: every format has its strengths and weaknesses. It helps sometimes when the writer is also the letterer: I drafted the original version of Gondolessa’s speech, but Flo took it further and added more, aided by her knowledge of just how much would fit in there.

It’s worth it: while this isn’t the last we’ll see of Gondolessa, it does put a cap on one of Guilded Age‘s most important relationship arcs. Great expressions by John to spotlight here, too. I was a little concerned at times that between Harky and Gr’Zl, we might be slipping into the “bury your gays” trope, but Gondolessa’s continued presence and strength of character was one counterweight against that.

(Side note: Flo mentioned in the original comments to this page that she thought of Gondolessa as nonbinary. Which I don’t have a problem with per se, but…she never discussed that with me! The scripts, including some parts Flo wrote, are “he/him” for Gondolessa throughout, so I think it best if I just note this and move on.)