FB: Like Lent and Passover, Madam Arfa’s “holiday” isn’t tied to any one mainsream-calendar date, but it’s going to happen when it’s meant to happen, if you know what we mean.

The Don may be a transparently self-interested plutocrat, but in panel 2, he’s got a really good point. It seems Penk isn’t the only one who had issues with Harky’s tight focus.

This is the last we’ll hear from Madam Arfa. Her story ends not on her deathbed but in this war tent, which is no doubt how she would prefer it. She gets to introduce her successor, share wine and a laugh with Gobligno (previous page), confer her blessing on the new warchief who has learned from her history, and plan her afterlife with the help of the world’s greatest still-living authority on death. Not a bad way to go out. (Sir Groff will end up getting a little arc of his own, but right now, he’s basically a prop to help complete hers.)