This could have been a life-changing moment for the Don. He could’ve gotten no small amount of political capital from being the one at the front line to actually cave in the Hall of Houses. As it is, well…the best news for him here is that he won’t lose much capital from this, because anyone who didn’t expect him to do this wasn’t paying much attention (and the goblins, for the most part, don’t care). Flo and I sure took him to task, though…

Script: Don Gobligno, pampered rich general as he is, turns his tank towards us and begins to speed to the back line. He is trying not to cry (not doing a great job of it).

Flo’s note: Thank you, Don Gobligno, for your contribution to this battle. You will always be remembered as the guy who will fight as hard as he can until it hurts him personally.

FB: The don’s kind of a goblin turkey.