FB: “We’re going to break a wall, folks. We’re going to break a wall. We’re going to break it. Don’t worry. We’re going to break a wall. That wall will go down so fast your head will spin.”

I don’t have much in the tank when it comes to commenting on this page either, not least because I’m still getting over a big scare. Cliff’s notes version: my sister-in-law got in a car accident this morning (or probably yesterday by the time you read this)…with a school bus. No one was hurt, and it was a no-fault incident (apparently, where it happened was a notorious blind corner that’s been the locale of many accidents over the years). Her car was totaled, but she was insured, and cars are just stuff. Still, it really rattled me for a bit.

Okay, one comment. It’s nice to see Goblaurence legitimately acting as a squad commander in his own right, after a lifetime of being told that no one likes him and he’ll never get along with anyone. This is quiet growth for him, maybe even more notable than the later scene where he accepts Syr’Nj as a co-engineer.