The last time we saw Jarvis, I was somewhat less than impressed with his strategic capabilities. Here, at least he and Ardaic come across as highly competent, with a sense of what can be controlled and what cannot.

So we got that “Why Was The Silver Centurion Sometimes NOT Ardaic” question settled…again, not our most compelling loose end, but it would’ve felt wrong not to tie it off in the text.

I feel like I can answer Ardaic’s question. What he should do…well, what he should do is what he’ll eventually do: give up. But the best way he could defend the nation would be to pass the power to someone else, since that someone else may not be compromised by the doubts he’s feeling. But since he can’t admit those doubts yet, he can’t make that choice.

FB: There may not be FIGHTING in the war room, but when things get stressful there’s plenty of passive-aggression.