We’re covering a lot of ground in this page and the last, literally and metaphorically. Each of their four frames represents a different battle, and even in modern times, no army can just go from epic battle to epic battle without time to rest, refuel, replan, mourn their own losses, and so on.

But as shown in the first panel here and the last panel prior, the Rebel army has serious game changers on its side: Frigg and her disciples’ glowy hammershit; the sky elves’ portal-making; Fr’Nj’s power over vegetation, enhanced by her druidic status; and Magda’s power over the earth. Heck, go ahead and add in that “bardic magick” seen in the last chapter and referenced earlier in this one. Any one of these five factors could turn the tide in an otherwise even battle. All of them, together…

Note that Fr’Nj and Magda are using their power mercifully. Neither of them really need to use their power fatally unless desperate, and they are not desperate today. This restraint will be remembered, not least by the Iwatanian deserters that the rebels continue to recruit.

Gnomes liberated! It looks like the guy on the lower right may have started out being Dean Reynolds and then John changed his mind. In any case, it’d be more likely for Reynolds to be a political prisoner in the capital than kept among his people where he could stir up trouble.

FB is a pretty clunky pun, but I didn’t have much to riff on here: Some people are just really excited about the uppercase letters of the alphabet and see them everywhere, we guess.